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Successes and Benefits of TFABB’s “Literacy Coach” Program (training local teachers as trainers for their peers)

From the local Literacy Coaches’ Point of View… a few illustrative quotes:

  1. Making an impact on teachers and children:
    • "I see ‘TFABB’ when I go into classrooms (word walls, student writing notebooks, lesson plans)…I feel like I have a part in that."
    • "I enjoy hearing positive feedback from teachers about their classroom successes and their students’ successes."
  2. Working side-by-side with the North American partners:
    • "The TFABB workshop has really changed. The Belizean coaches are also decision makers and leaders during the workshop."
    • "I enjoyed working with the North American partners."
  3. Being seen as an expert/mentor/leader:
    • "I enjoyed the opportunity to share knowledge and skills with other teachers."
    • "I have had several teachers approach me for extra, informal meetings to go over the tools and approaches."
  4. Improving principal supervision: "Being a coach has been very good for my job as a principal. With TFABB’s checklist tool, it is clear what elements I should look for in my teachers’ lesson plans and instruction."
  5. Getting to know other teachers in the district

From the Ministry of Education’s Point of View:

  1. Filling a gap: "The TFABB in-service program has been very helpful because the Ministry is not able to afford all of the trainings that TFABB provides."

From the Teachers’ Point of View:

  1. Participants in the workshop and in-service sessions led by the coaches felt that they received solid and useful information.
  2. Teachers feel it is important to have Belizean presenters, who can relate to and understand what teachers are going through and what is expected of them.


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